Root Canal Treatment

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Painful or infected teeth can often be saved with root canal treatment. Root canals have had a history of being painful and unreliable. With today’s technology that is no longer true. Nearly all root canals are successful and comfortable. We invest in the latest technology to ensure the best result possible.

Advanced Root Canal Technology:

  • 3D imaging (cone beam) allows us to know the anatomy of the tooth and the canals before we start. Canals can curve, splint into two canals, or combine with other canals. This low dose image allows us to know what to expect and how to successfully treat your tooth. If a canal is missed the treatment will fail. This technology greatly improves our ability to make sure every canal is accounted for and treated.
  • Electronic canal measurement is used to get the exact length of the canal. This instrument compares the frequency of the tissue in the canal and compares it to the frequency of tissue outside of the teeth.
  • Digital x-rays are used during treatment to confirm the correct placement and length of the canal cleaning instruments. We use a sensor that is requires a very low exposure significantly reducing radiation exposure to you.
  • Nickel titanium instruments are used to remove the infected tissue. These state of the art instruments have remarkable flexibility that greatly improve the cleaning accuracy of the canals.
  • Ultrasonic rinsing with disinfectant and cheating agents are used to further cleanse and disinfect the canals.
  • Thermoplastic filling material (gutta percha, the gold standard) is used to seal the canal.


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