Sports Drinks – Do you or your Kids Need Them?

Author: DavidWank

The Truth About Sports Drinks Electrolytes It’s what we all need when we work out, run, play soccer, football, or base ball. Right? NOT REALLY!!. Unless we are doing marathons or full triathalons, electrolyte replacement is not needed. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatricians recommend that for almost all sports activities […]

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What is the Best Toothpaste?

Author: John Marietta, DDS, FAGD

  Patients often ask Dr. Marietta about which toothpaste to buy,  and as such, here are some guidelines. A Good Toothpaste Should be: NON IRRITATING – Many toothpastes contain chemicals that are very irritating to the mouth. One of the biggest culprits is SLS (sodium laurel sulfate). It’s what makes the tooth paste foam. It […]

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