Teeth Whitening

We offer great options for bleaching your teeth.

  • Custom professionally made bleaching trays are the absolute best in achieving the lightest shade possible.
  • One hour in office bleaching is a good choice for those in a hurry or with limited time.

A word about sensitivity:

  • Sensitivity is usually a big problem for most patients.
  • Sensitivity usually keeps many patients from reaching the shade they want.
  • We have a special gel to cover the teeth after or during bleaching sessions that helps reduce the sensitivity dramatically. The sensitivity gel is included at no charge with both the custom bleaching trays and the one-hour bleach in office bleaching session.

What about over the counter bleaching systems?

Options such as Crest White Strips can lighten your teeth. Most patients find that they have to use multiple kits of over the counter bleach. They find that the investment is about same cost as a professionally made bleach tray. The professionally made bleach tray will get you teeth lighter and so it often times is the better value.

What about ZOOM or laser bleaching systems?

Extensive research has shown that lights such as ZOOM and lasers do not make the teeth any lighter than just using an excellent bleaching gel alone. The extra fees charged for using these systems is not necessary.

We are all about getting great results and a great value for our patients.