Kelly T

I am so happy to have relief from the pain of that tooth that was pulled. I wish I could have kept it by means of another solution besides extracting it. However, I couldn't afford the financial burden of trying to save it as opposed to the cost of extraction. i wish to thank you for getting to it as soon as you did

Roma Z

Was pleasant, everyone friendly as always. Don't relish going to the dentist usually. Chose this dentist several years ago because ad said place to go For Cowards so thought that is the place to go. I have not regretted that decision at all.

David L

I liked the pleasant atmosphere and attitudes, demeanor, words of the employees and the dentist himself! I'm looking forward to going back to this dentist for more followup appointments in the future! :)

Justice C

Best Dentist I have found. My 6 year old grandson had a very bad experience with a different dentist so I started taking him to Dr. Marietta. Justice is very comfortable with Dr. Marietta and is never afraid to get dental work done.

Janice S

The examine and tooth cleaning were thorough, and Dr. Marietta listened and responded thoughtfully to any concerns I had. His staff are also always polite and helpful.